Me, Myself & My Journey

I am one yet different from the whole because I am unique. My name is Navin which means new in fact always new, born, and brought up in amazing, spiritual, and Incredible India. After studying management and gaining huge real-life experience, I felt that none can satisfy my thirst for knowing the truth and hunger for exploring. Soon I realized that I can’t make myself a slave of anything. The human soul is born free so it should live free. Natural liberty is unlimited and unrestricted freedom and offers lots of surprises. Only the strong can enjoy the ride of uncertainty. So finally, I opened up my wings and started enjoying the flight in an open sky.

I started my spiritual journey to liberate my soul. I read lots of spiritual books, learned yoga and meditation, and visited many ashrams to explore more and more to know the ultimate truth. These experiences made me more stable, adjustable, and understandable to every situation.

I felt more open and everyone embraced my new incarnation. Soon as a gift of God's grace I got the opportunity to work as a tourist guide to satisfy the greed of knowledge and spirituality. I traveled a lot, during my traveling I met and make a lot of friends from all over the world. I experienced different cultures and traditions very closely. I taught yoga and meditation during my tour sessions. I was enjoying enjoyed the journey and never wanted to reach any destination.

Then suddenly everything stopped due to the pandemic. Everyone was at home with fear and a feeling of uncertainty. I was not ready to give up. Soon I realized that the future belongs to online activities. I too feel to have an online presence to utilize this opportunity and this is the right time to learn new skills and make an online presence. During learning about web development, I came to know about the print of demand business and felt this also help me satisfy another hunger for creativity. Another benefit of it is one design can appear on multiple products.

So I started online designing with the brand Bring Out Yourself which means that bringing out your hidden self openly and fearlessly. In other words, throw out your duality and unmask yourself. The message is loud and clear - "Live your life fully and joyfully - Now & Here".

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